Radiant Barrier in Atlanta, GA

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NASA knew they could not insulate a spacecraft from solar heat, so they invented a thin Radiant Barrier to REFLECT the heat. Radiant Barrier, properly installed, reflects summer heat from ever entering your home, and keeps cozy warmth inside in the cold winter months. It extends the life of your HVAC equipment by reducing the number and duration of its cycles. This saves money on your utility bills and acts as insurance against future utility rate increases. Radiant Barrier also provides cool, clean attic storage. The temperatures in different rooms of your home become even, increasing the overall comfort level. And, best of all, our happy customers verify the system pays for itself in 2 to 4 years with energy savings. Call Radiant Roofing Solutions Atlanta, LLC today at (404) 538-1700 for a free estimate and evaluation.

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

While every home needs a certain amount of insulation, depending on insulation for protection against the extreme Georgia temperatures will never succeed. Insulation is similar to a sponge. If you pour water onto a sponge, it absorbs the water for a while, but inevitably it saturates the sponge and leaks through. Similarly, insulation stores heat to its capacity (thermal resistance or R-value) and radiates the excess heat through your ceiling and into the living space. Then, costly energy is used to extract that heat through the HVAC system and move it back outside the home.

In contrast, Radiant Barrier is like a mirror. It reflects 97% of the infra-red radiation (heat) coming from the hot shingles, and channels it up and out the ridge vent at the peak of the roof. The attic stays cool, while your home feels comfortable. This happens with no operating cost. Radiant Barrier is also clean and non-toxic.

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